Sunday, November 18, 2012


I just wanted to apologize to everyone that I haven't been able to do this review earlier in the week, it was really busy and I fella little behind in my blog.  Expect another review coming soon.

When buzz about her coming back with her new album dropped earlier this year, I was shaking and crying of joy and happiness.  So it was really hard for me to wait all this time for the record to finally come out!

On this album, Xtina explores her inner diva pop superstar status through many of the songs.  Chalk full of fun uptempo songs, catchy mid tempos, and meaningful and lyrical ballads.  Christina claims that her reality singing competition, The Voice, helped her find her voice again, and she is right.  She sounds better than ever on this record, singing great, but not overdoing it as often as we have come to know of Miss Aguilera.  And because of this I must congratulate her for keeping conscience of this.

The best thing on this record hands down are the uptempo songs.  There is never a dull moment on any of these songs.  'Red Hot Kinda Love' is so catchy, but yet so different from anything that I have ever heard before.  Most of the uptempo songs are songs that seems so new and fresh and different, but yet so radio friendly, that it reminds us that Christina is just as good of an executive producer on her albums as she is a singer.  Even on the Max Martin/Shellback produced 'Let There Be Love,' she shines through the song without making it sound generic or like another person's song.

Christina also does amazingly on the ballads.  Many of them shine through with flying colors, such as: Sing for Me, Just a Fool, and mainly Blank Page.  The Sia-penned song is absolutely amazing, proving that the Sia/Christina combo can make great songs besides the ones just on Bionic.  The midtempos, like Around The World, are quite catchy and surprised me being as catchy as they are.

Overall, this is a step in the right direction for Christina.  She has finally embraced her inner pop goddess and made her first plain pop record since her debut, and it sounds great, fresh, and new.  I foresee great chart success for the album and its singles.

SCORE: 4.5/5

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