Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I was kinda sad that Miss Clarkson's last single from Stronger (Dark Side) only did mediocre, hence the fact that no further songs were released as singles.  I was happy to see though that she was planning on coming out with a greatest hits album, because everyone needs to know/remember how amazing she is.

This brings us to her current single 'Catch My Breath'.  I LOVE this song.  It is so Kelly, but not like her at all at the same time.  It is the perfect blend of pop-rock and pop, and in addition to that, it is not an uptempo song (which is typical for a greatest hits album).  I was eagerly awaiting this song's video to come because I wanted to see what she would do.

The video is quite simple which lets the song shine through it, which in my opinion is a good decision.  Kelly also looks absolutely stunning in this music video!  I actually love her blond her hair now! I initially hated it and thought it washed her out, but she proved me wrong!  I love the water in the video; I think it give it a nice touch!  Oh yeah, and THE HAIR FLIPS!  Oh my God the HAIR FLIPS! EPIC!

To be honest, I think that this music video will work well for the song.  I think it will remind people that it is a great song, and will resurge sales and hopefully pick up on radio.  Good luck Kelly!

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