Tuesday, November 27, 2012



I just want to apologize first about my lack of posts this past week(s) and not keeping you guys up to date on all the new music that has happened as of late!  From Will.I.Am's Britney assisted single 'Scream & Shout' to Cher's unexpected comeback 'Woman's World' we have seen a lot in only a short amount of time.

First is Will.I.Am's new song called 'Scream & Shout' featuring Britney Spears.  I have never been a fan of Will's solo work (it just sounds like all of the shitty Black Eyed Peas songs that they rejected.)  This although was a surprise!  It was DECENT, not great (which is a step up for Will.I.Am, but a step down for Miss Britney Spears.)  Spears sings in a British accent which gives the track some character and life, but besides that she is put on back burner to do backup vocals for Will, who drags the song on for waaaaay to long (it would be better if it were 3:30 or under.)

Next comes Paris Hilton's leaked (and scrapped) single 'Last Night'.  Right after Pitbull included the track on his current album, Global Warming, featuring Australian singer-DJ Havana Brown.  "Someone" then "ironically" leaked Paris' version of the song featuring rapper Lil Wayne.  I prefer this version better cause I don't really like Pitbull nor does Havana have enough songs for me to really get a good feel for her.

There is also the triumphant return of The Icon/Goddess of Pop Cher.  With the look of Cher's music career going nowhere as of a month ago, she comes out of NOWHERE and drops her amazing new dance song/lead single 'Woman's World'.  This is how proper dance-pop should sound in 2012 and this is exactly how Cher should sound in 2012 as well.  It is beautifully crafted by Paul Oakenfold an English producer who ironically worked with Cher's "BFF" Madonna.  Regardless, this is a song that will go #1 on the Dance/Hot Club Charts and possibly obtain mainstream success!

I will try my hardest to update my blog much more often!  I am currently debating on weather to do a review on Rihanna's album Unapologetic.  Tell Me what you guys think!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I just wanted to apologize to everyone that I haven't been able to do this review earlier in the week, it was really busy and I fella little behind in my blog.  Expect another review coming soon.

When buzz about her coming back with her new album dropped earlier this year, I was shaking and crying of joy and happiness.  So it was really hard for me to wait all this time for the record to finally come out!

On this album, Xtina explores her inner diva pop superstar status through many of the songs.  Chalk full of fun uptempo songs, catchy mid tempos, and meaningful and lyrical ballads.  Christina claims that her reality singing competition, The Voice, helped her find her voice again, and she is right.  She sounds better than ever on this record, singing great, but not overdoing it as often as we have come to know of Miss Aguilera.  And because of this I must congratulate her for keeping conscience of this.

The best thing on this record hands down are the uptempo songs.  There is never a dull moment on any of these songs.  'Red Hot Kinda Love' is so catchy, but yet so different from anything that I have ever heard before.  Most of the uptempo songs are songs that seems so new and fresh and different, but yet so radio friendly, that it reminds us that Christina is just as good of an executive producer on her albums as she is a singer.  Even on the Max Martin/Shellback produced 'Let There Be Love,' she shines through the song without making it sound generic or like another person's song.

Christina also does amazingly on the ballads.  Many of them shine through with flying colors, such as: Sing for Me, Just a Fool, and mainly Blank Page.  The Sia-penned song is absolutely amazing, proving that the Sia/Christina combo can make great songs besides the ones just on Bionic.  The midtempos, like Around The World, are quite catchy and surprised me being as catchy as they are.

Overall, this is a step in the right direction for Christina.  She has finally embraced her inner pop goddess and made her first plain pop record since her debut, and it sounds great, fresh, and new.  I foresee great chart success for the album and its singles.

SCORE: 4.5/5

Friday, November 16, 2012


My favorite Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland, has premiered the music video for her sensual song 'Ice' featuring Lil Wayne.  This was one of my favorite songs from her so far!  It took me a few listens to get into 'Motivation' (it was an impulse buy, but now it's my JAM) but 'Ice' clicked right away.  It even was anticipated enough for it to rise up to #42 on iTunes the day it came out.  But not that the music video has dropped, I foresee it having huge success!

Miss. Rowland is looking every bit of flaw-free wonderfulness in this music video!  She looked great in everything and everywhere!  The afro was HUGE, but Kelly pulled it off effortlessly as if we were still in the 80's.  Another perk, Lil Wayne was no where to be found (maybe he learned his lesson from the first time they collaborated…)!  If Kelly really really wanted the eye candy, she could go and find someone else;honestly there are so many better looking rappers around!

The music video is a pretty good one, it's still sexy, but not a lot like Motivation, making it it's own.  I think everyone should go out and buy it!  (But that's just me)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yesterday was a special day in music, it was the release of Lotus, Christina Aguilera's comeback album (later on this week I will post a full album review).  While many were excited to see her come out with an album, some of her fans (like me) were waiting for a proper performance of 'Your Body'.  Sadly, on last night's episode of The Voice, that is not what we got.

What we did get though was an introduction into the brand new album she released earlier that day.  And what an introduction!  It was the perfect song to debut her album to!  First off it had fellow The Voice co-judge, Cee Lo Green which was a great way to start off the Lotus era! Another highlight of the night was that Miss Aguilera actually put together during this performance!  There was nothing that looked out of place, or anything that looked wrong or to tight, it all worked well together for a crazy and FIERCE start to this era!

Things are looking up for Miss Aguilera now!  There was this flaw-free performance to start off the album sales (which are currently sitting pretty at #5 on the iTunes charts)!  AND she has her upcoming AMA's performance on November 18th, which if planned correctly, (like last nights performance) could launch 'Your Body' up the charts into the top 20-10 on the Hot 100!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I was kinda sad that Miss Clarkson's last single from Stronger (Dark Side) only did mediocre, hence the fact that no further songs were released as singles.  I was happy to see though that she was planning on coming out with a greatest hits album, because everyone needs to know/remember how amazing she is.

This brings us to her current single 'Catch My Breath'.  I LOVE this song.  It is so Kelly, but not like her at all at the same time.  It is the perfect blend of pop-rock and pop, and in addition to that, it is not an uptempo song (which is typical for a greatest hits album).  I was eagerly awaiting this song's video to come because I wanted to see what she would do.

The video is quite simple which lets the song shine through it, which in my opinion is a good decision.  Kelly also looks absolutely stunning in this music video!  I actually love her blond her hair now! I initially hated it and thought it washed her out, but she proved me wrong!  I love the water in the video; I think it give it a nice touch!  Oh yeah, and THE HAIR FLIPS!  Oh my God the HAIR FLIPS! EPIC!

To be honest, I think that this music video will work well for the song.  I think it will remind people that it is a great song, and will resurge sales and hopefully pick up on radio.  Good luck Kelly!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Carly Rae Jepsen is definitely something special!  With her smash hit single 'Call Me Maybe' MEGA success many people just wrote her off as a one-hit wonder, boy were they wrong!  Even though 'Call Me Maybe' was riding high at #1 on the Hot 100, she came out with 'Good Time' with Owl City and scored another Top 10 hit.  She came out with her offical second single 'This Kiss' awhile ago and premired the music video the other week.  This music video isn't actually half bad! Check out why!

1.) It looks like so much fun! I honestly with I went to a party that extravagant!  There was everything there! Balloons, funny picture booths, and so much more!

2.) Carly looks stunning.  Period, end of discussion.  No one can say otherwise.  She was pretty much flaw free the whole time (Yes, even in the pool).  She even looked 18 despite being 

3.) Very few people can make an 80's sounding song's music video modern and fun and she seemed to do it effortlessly.

4.)This music video was even more interesting than 'Call Me Maybe' which I thought was cute for a teen (until I realized that she was like the same age as Lady GaGa)!

5.) She proves that she has more to offer than just her giant smash it!

I honestly think she has a long career ahead of her!  I hope she does well!


It has been long, TOO long since the world has heard some new Kelis music.  The last time was when she released her amazing dance EP/LP Fleshtone, which was in 2010.  She has FINALLY emerged and has come to us on not just one new some, but TWO!  Both songs are produced by English producer Skream, despite both sounding different.

The first track to premiere was 'Distance.'  The Kelis song was radio ripped in June earlier this year (despite me not finding out about it until last week).  The song is exactly what Kelis said her next album would be like, R&B/Electro.  Also it doesn't hurt that it sounds kinda radio friendly! Hopefully if this does get the single treatment radio will pick it up an give her another "Milkshake" sized hit.

The second track is Skream's song called 'Copycat.'  This track is more experimental and simple.  The beat isn't complex at all and is just simple and sexy.  Kelis croons about people copying her and she's kinda right, some people do sometimes copy her...but I don't want to call anyone out.

All in all, Kelis is back and better than ever!  Both tracks bring something new and fresh to the table that hasn't been heard yet, even a song called Copycat.

*Please skip to 0:24 seconds for the beginning of the song & excuse the DJ for talking a lot*

Friday, November 9, 2012


Well this is something you don't see everyday!  Redone working with a R&B artist?!?  The rumors are true!  Redone is busy with Lady Gaga's upcoming ARTPOP record and apparently working with a pregnant Shakira on her comeback album after being signed to Roc Nation.  Now he is working with J-Hud and J.Lo (again)!

First comes Miss Lopez with RedOne telling MTV News: "I'm the executive producer of [Lopez's] album, and we already have songs that are just incredible. It's just amazing. It's mixed [styles]. It's everything about Jennifer Lopez."

He continued by saying: "It's not one thing; it's everything you experience," he said. "It's a very special album. It feels like this album, to us, has to have everything about her, not just one thing. You're going to have all the sides, kind of urban/hip-hop and the commercial, like the way she did with Ja Rule. It's everything you love about her [including] the dance, the rhythmic, the Latin."

Sounds like we are going to be having a little bit of everything J.Lo (well, musically that is)!  As excited as I am for that, I am also kinda interested in what he has to offer to J-Hud.  Most of his stuff is really generic (unless it is for his big artists, then it is actually pretty good).

Never been a huge fan of Jennifer Hudson, and her music has always been good, but nothing that I every loved, besides her amazing single Spotlight.  RedOne working on this record for her could go 2 ways.  She could flop (again) and her recording career could be up in the air, or it could be quite prosperous for her and she could make a huge comeback.

RedOne said: "I'm excited about it. To me, like, I'm working right now [and] I'm working on some ideas for her. ... I think I'm very excited because I think it's fresh, something totally fresh for me.

He concluded: "I think it's going to be the most incredible thing. I know music, and I adapt to the art," he added of moving outside of the dance world for the project. "It's very important to focus on that. And [with the] songwriting aspect, I think I know how she sounds on the radio. I think I know what people want to hear. I think I know what the artist wants. And the combination of all of that, you can never go wrong."

Hopefully he is able to make magic with both ladies and doesn't disregard them because of their names in the music industry.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Miss Christina Aguilera's amazing lead single off her upcoming album Lotus has not been performed live...until not...

It is not your typical first performance for a song that isn't doing really well on the charts (It is currently #75 on the Hot 100), but none the less it is a good one.  She shows that she doesn't need the synthesizers and studio to sound amazing, let alone make a song sound good with office supplies.

Although this was a great first performance, she definitely needs to perform this on The Voice for the song to have some actual life on the charts and she knows it, no matter what she wants to think.  But I do have a feeling that we will be seeing her perform this on The Voice soon!


To be very honest right now, I am not the biggest Rihanna fan as of right now.  I liked her and actually started to love her during her Loud era, but then that Talk That Talk era came around and it just went downhill from there.  I didn't really like any of the singles from the album (besides 'Where Have Your Been' and finally 'We Found Love' after I got into Calvin Harris).  

And the song Diamonds doesn't really help.  It is slightly boring on first listen and doesn't seem to get more interesting as you listen more.  Plus Rihanna doesn't even sing completely on the track.  And the trashy album cover doesn't help with my liking her.  ALSO there is the whole Chris Brown thing that shocks me and makes me respect her a whole lot less.

Now, about the actual music video.  It is OK, not really anything new or exciting.  It looks a lot like We Found Love for starters.  And it doesn't help that it is boring and lacks story plot or something that catches my interest.  The TV was on while I was watching this music video and the TV won my attention, so I had to re-watch it before I posted this!

All in all, there isn't really anything wrong or bad with this music video, it is just flat out boring.  I predict that this will die on charts soon and she will need some big dance-pop hit to bring Unapologetic to life.  But even then, it might be to late, as 'Where Have You Been' was also not a hit because of how late it was released.

First Post!

Hello Everyone!  This is my first post ever!  I am excited to get this blog started and off the ground.  I will be reporting about music for everyone!  My e-mail is musicbloggiest@gmail.com so please e-mail me any suggestions for who or what I should write about and what I should do.  I will be writing my own opinions, so if I do write something negative about someone you may like please do not take it offensively! Thanks and enjoy!