Saturday, November 10, 2012


It has been long, TOO long since the world has heard some new Kelis music.  The last time was when she released her amazing dance EP/LP Fleshtone, which was in 2010.  She has FINALLY emerged and has come to us on not just one new some, but TWO!  Both songs are produced by English producer Skream, despite both sounding different.

The first track to premiere was 'Distance.'  The Kelis song was radio ripped in June earlier this year (despite me not finding out about it until last week).  The song is exactly what Kelis said her next album would be like, R&B/Electro.  Also it doesn't hurt that it sounds kinda radio friendly! Hopefully if this does get the single treatment radio will pick it up an give her another "Milkshake" sized hit.

The second track is Skream's song called 'Copycat.'  This track is more experimental and simple.  The beat isn't complex at all and is just simple and sexy.  Kelis croons about people copying her and she's kinda right, some people do sometimes copy her...but I don't want to call anyone out.

All in all, Kelis is back and better than ever!  Both tracks bring something new and fresh to the table that hasn't been heard yet, even a song called Copycat.

*Please skip to 0:24 seconds for the beginning of the song & excuse the DJ for talking a lot*

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