Saturday, November 10, 2012


Carly Rae Jepsen is definitely something special!  With her smash hit single 'Call Me Maybe' MEGA success many people just wrote her off as a one-hit wonder, boy were they wrong!  Even though 'Call Me Maybe' was riding high at #1 on the Hot 100, she came out with 'Good Time' with Owl City and scored another Top 10 hit.  She came out with her offical second single 'This Kiss' awhile ago and premired the music video the other week.  This music video isn't actually half bad! Check out why!

1.) It looks like so much fun! I honestly with I went to a party that extravagant!  There was everything there! Balloons, funny picture booths, and so much more!

2.) Carly looks stunning.  Period, end of discussion.  No one can say otherwise.  She was pretty much flaw free the whole time (Yes, even in the pool).  She even looked 18 despite being 

3.) Very few people can make an 80's sounding song's music video modern and fun and she seemed to do it effortlessly.

4.)This music video was even more interesting than 'Call Me Maybe' which I thought was cute for a teen (until I realized that she was like the same age as Lady GaGa)!

5.) She proves that she has more to offer than just her giant smash it!

I honestly think she has a long career ahead of her!  I hope she does well!

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