Tuesday, December 11, 2012


It has been a looooonnngg time since we have hear Paula Abdul sing something new.  She attempted to make a career comeback with moderate success to her most recent new (2008) songs, "I'm Just Here For The Music" & "Dance Like There Is No Tomorrow".  But then nothing...an absence in the pop world had occurred.

After a stint as a judge on the 1st season of the X Factor, it seemed like we would never hear from the chart-topping choreographer ever again...until now.  She guest judged on the reality dancing competition Dancing With The Stars (a show more suited for her stronger talent…dancing).  After her week stint she took a break from the show for a week to rehearse and film digital dance scenes.

Paula did great.  She showed the world just what they were missing when one of pop's original dance queens went to hiding.  She easily changed costumes and switched songs smoothly and effortlessly throughout the entire performance.  She also re-recorded all of her four hits that she performed, "Forever Your Girl" "Cold Hearted" "Opposites Attract" & "Straight Up"which she sang better than ever!

She also sat down with ABC News Radio to talk about her new single/mashup "Dream Medley."  She talked about recording new music (!) and performing a lot in the future (possible tour?):

"I'm in the process of making more music," she tells ABC News Radio.  "But...for me, I wanna do it in ways that allow me to have great creative outlet[s] and platforms.  So that's why you'll see me performing a lot."

I really do hope that she releases new music soon because the world really needs to be taught a lesson about REAL dancing!


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